Forward ever; backward, never!” C.T. Studd.” (Missionary to China, India, and Africa)

Fast facts;

 I Care Enough International Ministries, a cutting-edge church planting Organization serving in the 10/40 window, more than 30 years.

I Care Enough International Ministries (ICE) was established in the early 80’s and has been a pioneer in cutting edge ministries.

When we say cutting edge what do we mean?    Intentionally planting indigenous (native) churches and training nationals. This is done by using short term missionaries. However traditional churches have long supported long-term missionaries, expensive roundabout social programs, indirect- gospel ministry with the idea that the church must first show the gospel by means of social action before it can preach the gospel.

 We at ICE find no basis for this in the early church, or command of Christ.  In fact, mission efforts in which the preaching of the Word and the proclamation of the gospel are an afterthought or a hoped-for byproduct bear no resemblance to the mission’s efforts of the apostles in the book of Acts. God’s purpose in this world—and the church’s only legitimate commission—is the proclamation of the message of sin and salvation to individuals, which is best accomplished through planting new churches. This is truly cutting edge.

What is meant by front line? A place often referred to as the 10/40 window, the lest evangelized, fewest missionaries, poorest, and most persecuted places on earth.

What is an indigenous church?  “Self-governing: In a self-governing church, nationals, empowered by the Holy Spirit, provide leadership for the church, rather than rely on outside agencies for decision making.

“Self-supporting: A self-supporting national church does not rely on outside funding to carry on its work, but rather encourages its people to give in devotion to Christ and the work of ministry.

“Self-propagating: A self-propagating national church effectively evangelizes on its own within the surrounding region and beyond. A self-propagating church should by nature be self-missionizing. There may be no greater indication of indigeneity than when a national church establishes a sending structure to mobilize workers to reach beyond its own people.

ICE realized it is not enough to characterize a church as indigenous only because it is self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating. Our church training programs are designed, to equip believers to apply the Word of God appropriately to the lives of its members in light of the unique issues, situations, and experiences of the local people, as the Holy Spirit illuminates and quickens a community of faith. Hence, self-theologizing represents a fourth key element of indigeneity. 
“Dying for the Gospel is not the challenge; it is living for the Gospel that kills me .” Dr. Kenneth Rooks

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